Women’s Fencing Triumphant Over NJIT

By Kayoneil Wilson

Lifestyle Editor 

The women’s fencing team were able to achieve eight individual bout victories against the NJIT Highlanders on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Some notable performances include grad student Shea Sanders leading the foil squad after receiving a 2-1 record against the Highlanders. 

Grad student Gabriel Watson gained three bouts and remained undefeated during the event. 

Freshmen Dominique Greaux-Gist and Jordana Greaux-Gist also received an additional two bout victories combined.

The women’s fencing team will compete in the Brian Palestis Memorial Invitational on Sunday, Feb. 27 at Wagner. 

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Knights vs. Highlanders: FDU 8, NJIT 17

Art by Kayoneil Wilson.