When Lisa Met Stanley – an FDU International Love Story

By John Mineses

News Editor

An international love story that started with strangers on a college campus and traveled to Paris, France and beyond. This story is one that seems to be written for the movie screens, but it is a true story that began right here on the Metro campus.

Lisa Warfvinge is an international student at FDU and an athlete for the women’s track and field team. She met Stanley Elisee after transferring to FDU her sophomore year through the athletics department.

“First time we met was at an event for the new athletes…the first thing I noticed with him was his nice eyes when he smiled at me,” said Warfvinge, a senior marketing major, via Instagram DM. 

First meeting as a sophomore and junior, the couple has since continued their story together while balancing their educational and athletic goals on the FDU track and field team. Stanley has completed his undergraduate studies as a criminal justice major. He is still at FDU as a fifth year student going for a master’s degree while Lisa is in her senior year as a marketing undergraduate.

The couple has been able to pursue their common love of travel through seeing new places. This past winter break they were able to fulfill their dream plans of going to Paris and visiting Lisa’s family in Sweden.

“We went to Paris for five days and then continued to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was an amazing trip. We visited a lot of different places. Eiffel Tower, Louvre, arch de triumph…in Sweden we spent time with my family, went skiing and just enjoyed our time,” said Warfvinge.

The combining of different worlds that is the relationship of Lisa and Stanley is a tale that is unique and amazing to tell. As Lisa is exposed to life in the United States being at FDU, their trips to Paris and Sweden have allowed Stanley to experience the same feeling and opportunity.

“It was also Stanley’s first time in Sweden and France. So it was really exciting to show him around.”

The story of Lisa and Stanley is one that is amazing to hear and it all started at FDU. It seems like the sky’s the limit to how far this FDU love story can travel.

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Lisa Warfvinge and Stanley Elisee both met as members of the FDU Track and Field teams.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Warfvinge via Instagram DM