FDU’s Provost Update: Grant-funded Projects and Internships

By Kayoneil Wilson

Student Lifestyle Editor

New Provost Michael J. Avaltroni announced a climate change scholarship program, where students will work with a faculty mentor on their proposed idea. 

FDU students and faculty received an email on Feb. 10 from Avaltroni regarding this new program for undergraduates. 

The new grant-funded opportunity is available to all undergraduate students at FDU, regardless of their major. This will also be available under a faculty mentor called: Informing Decisions and Actions on Climate Change. 

The email includes a link to a downloadable proposal document that consists of a description of the initiatives and an application. 

The applications are due Monday, Feb. 21, and the selected grant-supported activities will take place between March 7 and June 30, 2022. 

This opportunity gives “students a unique opportunity to become actively involved in the planning and implementation of research and scholarship as it relates to climate change, and in the dissemination of subsequent knowledge, internally and externally. This will build on and extend the critical thinking skills students gain in class and provide valuable skills and perspectives that students bring to their careers after FDU,” said Avaltroni, via email.

This program in climate change can benefit both students and faculty mentors as a research project, educational program or experiential learning opportunity/internship.

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New grant-funded oppportunity.

Art By Kayoneil Wilson