The Best Show The Internet Didn’t Talk About in 2021 – Hulu’s “Only Murders in The Building”

By John Mineses

News Editor

“Only Murders in The Building,” released on Aug. 31, 2021, tells a riveting and unique story of a comedic murder mystery that combines classic and modern New York-esque storytelling.

In 2021, shows like Netflix’s “Squid Game“, Disney+’s “WandaVision” and new seasons of shows like HBO Max’s ‘Euphoria’ had everyone talking, dominating on social media and beyond. But other great stories like “Only Murders in The Building” were not able to build the same amount of hype.

“Squid Game” had set fire on social media, sparking challenges, memes and discussion on all platforms. The latest released season of Euphoria is already off to doing the same, inspiring fashion, TikTok trends and much more.

When people would go onto their phones and log onto their medias, they may have not been seeing “Only Murders in the Building” content trending on the pages, but the show’s ratings and reviews can very well speak for itself.

The show has a star-studded cast of legends and superstars of the entertainment industry. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez star as the three true crime, podcast-loving leads with additional stars like Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and Amy Ryan as recurring characters. The cast also includes special appearances by music superstar Sting, playing himself as a fellow neighbor and suspect.

Steve Martin plays Charles Haden-Savage, a washed-up actor only identified by a single role in his far past, while Martin Short plays the fallen-on hard times Broadway director, Oliver Putnam. Selena Gomez brings the entire trio together with her portrayal of the mysterious Mabel Mora, one of the younger tenants of their building. 

The story starts by showing the three individual characters as complete strangers living in the same New York high-end apartment building, The Arconia. 

Their initial encounter takes place in an elevator followed by a quick encounter with fellow neighbor Tim Kono. They are brought together one night by a building evacuation that leads them to realize their common love for true crime podcasts.

After the evacuation, news hits that the fellow neighbor Tim Kono was found dead in his apartment by an apparent suicide. However, upon investigation by the trio, they find out that Tim Kono was murdered.

The trio eventually launch a full on investigation and release their own true crime podcast to answer the question; Who killed Tim Kono? The investigation goes into the varied stories and mysteries of the fellow neighbors of The Arconia, the life of Tim Kono, and secrets held by members of the trio itself.

“Only Murders in the Building” is a truly great murder mystery with a compelling story of twists and turns and a cast of multigenerational, multidimensional stars.

The question of why the series never trended on any platforms like other quality shows of the year seems to be as big of a mystery as the murder of Tim Kono. The show’s comedy and storyline can arguably fit the mold of a lot of trendy television-related content. It might also help that the series lead Selena Gomez is one of the biggest young stars of today with one of the largest social media followings.

Whatever the reason for social media’s overlook of the series, it must be remembered that this is only the first season. Hulu has already renewed “Only Murders in The Building” for season two, and it is rumored to release sometime in 2022.

With a new year and new beginnings, viewers may very well see the show trending sooner than later and want to log onto Hulu to see this comedic, murder mystery masterpiece. They should also expect even better with a second season of star-studded mystery to come. 

“Only Murders in the Building” season one is streaming now on Hulu.

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The star-studded murder mystery is already renewed for a second season.

Art by John Mineses