Avaltroni Named New Provost for FDU

By John Mineses

News Editor

The FDU community received an email from President Chrsitopher Capuano regarding the newly appointed Provost for FDU on Dec. 22, 2021.

Michael Alvaltroni has been appointed to the position with an impressive reputation and endorsement from FDU behind him.

Alvaltroni is a graduate and longtime member of FDU faculty and has been a leader and essential part of the success of FDU’s School of Pharmacy and Health Studies since its establishment in 2012.

“We again had outstanding candidates and very strong finalists, but in the end we are confident that Michael Avaltroni is the best qualified person for this position,” said Capuano, via email. “I know you will join me in congratulating Michael and supporting him as we continue to enhance our academic offerings.”

The email thanked Gillian Small for her previous five years of contributions and hard work in the position. FDU hopes to continue the progress made by Small with this new appointment. 

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Michael Alvaltroni named FDU’s new Provost.

Art by John Mineses