LIVE BLOG: Women’s Basketball vs. Merrimack 1/6

Game Summary:

With this victory the Knights achieved their first conference win of the new year and increased their record to 3-0 in the NEC. It was an inspired effort for the Knights and gives them something to continue to build on as they look to make it back into the playoffs this year.

Jayme DeCesare led the way for FDU with a strong 17 points. Diamond Christian followed with 12 points and Mayson Kimball contributed 11 points. Carla Balague also showed some nice flashes and finished with 9 points. 

Chloe Wilson and Dahomee Forgues absolutely dominated the second half of the game for FDU. Forgues finished with 24 points followed by a double-double from Wilson with 19 points and 11 rebounds. The production did end there for the Knights however as Stanley also came away with a double double with 16 points and 14 rebounds. Celia Carbonell was also able to hit some big shots for the Knights down the stretch and Madeline Selvaggi’s only field goal happened to be a clutch finish to send the game into its second overtime. 

After a strong start Merrimack was unable to overcome the defensive pressure of the Knights. They finished 27-66 (40.9%) and 9-24 (37.5%) from three. They only attempted five free throws and made just two (40%).

After what looked like it would be a crushing loss at numerous points in the game, the Knights were able to come all the way back from 14 points down to win the game by double digits. Although they struggled early FDU was able to finish shooting 27-78 (34.6%) overall and 8-32 (25%) from three. They also made 14 of their 22 free throws (63.6%). 

Thank you to our managing editor, Amaya Morales, for producing the live blog and posting to Twitter. Tune in on Jan. 8 at 1 p.m. to see women’s basketball go against the Bryant Bulldogs. Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful afternoon.

3:13 p.m.

The Knights complete the comeback and win 76-65

Selvaggie makes two free throws to put the Knights back up by 13.

3:11 p.m.

Antoinette Okoh hits a three in her first ever college appearance.

3:09 p.m.

Stanley knocks down the technical free throw.

3:07 p.m.

Christian is assessed a technical foul after committing the personal foul on Devyn Scott.

3:05 p.m.

Stanley finds Carbonell in the corner for the three and the Knights have their largest lead of the afternoon

3:04 p.m.

Stanley forces the turnover and FDU controls with just over two minutes left. 

3:03 p.m.

Forgues drills her fourth three of the game and FDU is starting to pull away as they lead 69-61 with 2:27 remaining. 

3:02 p.m.

Chloe Wilson pulls down another offensive rebound for FDU and gets fouled. Wilson sinks one of two attempts at the line.

3:00 p.m.

Stanley converts after the offensive rebound. FDU leads by four with 3:38 remaining.

2:59 p.m.

Wilson spins away from the defender and scores. FDU has their first lead since the first quarter of the game

2:57 p.m.

FDU plays solid defense and forces the game into a second overtime. 

2:54 p.m.

Selvaggie gets the clutch layup to go and the game is tied again at 61 with 9.7 seconds left.

2:52 p.m.

With 26.3 seconds left, FDU takes the timeout with a chance to tie or take the lead.

2:51 p.m.

The Knights turn it over after the offensive rebound off the missed free throw. Knights trail 61-59.

2:50 p.m.

Wilson drives to the basket and scores for the Knights.

2:49 p.m.

FDU still trails 61-56 with 1:55 remaining.

Kimball gets the shot to go in traffic.

2:48 p.m.

FDU gets another opportunity to go. It’s now a one possession game.

2:47 p.m.

Balague spins and gets the layup to go off the backboard. The Warriors lead by five.

2:46 p.m.

Christian hits the three for Merrimack to start the overtime period.

2:43 p.m.

Balague’s three is no good. The game will head into overtime.

2:42 p.m.

After review, the call on the floor stands and it is Merrimack’s ball with 2.8 seconds on the clock. 

2:40 p.m.

The FDU turnover is being reviewed.

2:38 p.m.

FDU gets the stop and with just over two seconds left the Knights will have a chance to win the game.

2:37 p.m.

Stanley calmly sinks two free throws to tie the game at 54.

2:36 p.m.

Stanley goes to the line with a chance to tie. 

2:35 p.m.

Carbonell hits a big three to cut the lead to two for FDU.

2:34 p.m.

Owens finishes in transition to give Merrimack a 5-point lead.

2:33 p.m.

Kimball drills a clutch three to give Merrimack a 52-49 lead with 1:30 to play.

2:30 p.m.

After trailing by as many as 14 points, the Knights have returned to tie the game at 49-49 with a free throw from Madison Stanley.

2:24 p.m.

Chloe Wilson goes 1-2 at the free-throw line and makes it a 1-point game.

2:22 p.m.

Forgues continues her fantastic play and buries the jumper. It is a one possession game with 4:03 left.

2:20 p.m.

Chloe Wilson cuts the lead down to four from the line with 5:12 remaining.

2:19 p.m.

Owens gets her layup to fall on the fast break and makes it 49-43 for the Warriors.

2:18 p.m.

Forgues scores again for the Knights. She leads all scorers with 19 points.

2:17 p.m.

DeCesare hits yet another three to make it 47-41 with 8:06 left in the game.

2:16 p.m.

Wilson follows with a layup; now it is a 3-point game.

2:15 p.m.

Forgues continues the momentum with her layup.

2:13 p.m.

FDU still trails 44-37 as the game heads into the fourth quarter.

2:12 p.m.

DeCesare hits a three with the game clock winding down. 

2:11 p.m.

Forgues is heating up now as she drains her short jumpshot. 

2:10 p.m.

McCormick answers with a smooth jumper.

Forgues nails a deep three and the Knights have cut the lead down to four.

2:09 p.m.

Kimball responds with another baseline jumpshot.

2:08 p.m.

Out of the timeout, Chloe Wilson gets another shot to go. She has six points in the quarter and the score is now 37-32.

2:07 p.m.

Carbonell hits a big three for FDU to bring the Knights within seven points.

2:06 p.m.

Kimball lays it up to end the short run for the Knights.

2:03 p.m.

Stanley hits the jumper to cut it to eight with 5:45 to play.

2:01 p.m.

Wilson scores on two straight possessions to put it back to a ten point game.

1:59 p.m.

Christian gets the tough layup to go and the Warriors increase their lead to 14.

1:57 p.m.

Balague scores on her layup. She now has seven points.

Forgues quickly cuts the lead to ten with her 3-point shot to start the second half.

Halftime Update:

The Knights will look to pick up the offensive production and try to climb their way back in the second half. 

Jayme DeCesare caught fire from three for Merrimack and she went 3-5 from beyond the arc to give herself nine quick points. Diamond Christian is the second leading scorer with seven points, and Paige McCormick and Carla Balague have each contributed five. 

Dahomee Forgues leads the way for the Knights with seven points, all of which came in the first quarter. Behind her is Madison Stanley with five points and Chloe Wilson and Sierra DeAngelo with three points each. 

Merrimack was able to hit their stride in the second quarter as they built up a 13 point lead. Overall they shot 12-29 (41.4%) from the floor and 5-11 (45.5%) from three. The only place they have struggled is the free throw line as they went 2-5 (40%)

After a decent start in the first quarter, FDU struggled for the rest of the half shooting just 7-33 (21.2%) overall and 2-15 (13.3%) from deep. They also made two free throws in just three attempts (66.7%).

1:41 p.m.

At the end of two quarters, FDU trails 31-18.

1:40 p.m.

DeCesare drills a three and the Warriors lead 31-18 with 0:53 seconds remaining in the half.

Chloe Wilson ends the run with a putback off the miss.

1:38 p.m.

Christian makes her layup. Merrimack is now on a 7-0 run.

1:37 p.m.

FDU is just 2-14 from three so far.

1:35 p.m.

Ava Owens makes one of two free throws at the line to give Merrimack a double digit lead, with 3:38 left in the quarter.

1:33 p.m.

Balague ends the scoreless drought in the game with a shot.

1:32 p.m.

Both teams struggle offensively in the second quarter as they each both have just one field goal.

1:29 p.m.

Devyn Scott picks up two quick fouls with 6:04 remaining in the first half. 

1:27 p.m.

Christian gets her second shot of the day to go in and put the Warriors up by seven.

1:26 p.m.

DeAngelo hits a three for FDU to cut the lead to five.

1:23 p.m.

At the end of the first quarter, FDU trails 21-13.

1:22 p.m.

DeCesare hits another three to give the Warriors the largest lead of the game.

1:21 p.m.

Forgues’ three changed to a 2-point shot. Diamond Christian hits the three to make it 18-13.

Stanley makes the layup through contact and knocks down the free throw.

1:20 p.m.

DeCesare knocks down another three for the Warriors and they lead 15-11.

1:19 p.m.

Kimball answers with a three for Merrimack. 

1:18 p.m.

Forgues knocks down her three. She leads all scorers with 8 points. 

1:17 p.m.

Ava Owens gets her first collegiate basket for Merrimack out of the timeout. 

1:15 p.m.

Forgues comes off the screen and connects from mid-range. FDU now has a one point lead with 4:46 to play in the quarter.

1:13 p.m.

Chloe Wilson makes one of her two free throw attempts.

1:12 p.m.

Stanley converts to a short jumper for FDU. 

1:11 p.m.

Balague makes 1-2 at the line. 

McCormick lays it in underneath for the Warriors. They lead 6-3 with 6:43 left in the first quarter.

1:10 p.m.

Mayson Kimball sinks the baseline jumper for Merrimack.

1:09 p.m.

Forgues is left open from three and makes it in to put FDU in the lead, 3-2.

1:07 p.m.

Carla Balague gets the hook shot to go, starting Merrimack off with a 2-0 lead.

1:02 p.m.

Starting for Merrimack: Jayme DeCesare, Diamond Christian, Mayson Kimball, Paige McCormick and Carla Balague.

Starting for the Knights: Dahomee Forgues, Devyn Scott, Chloe Wilson, Madeline Selvaggi and Madison Stanley.

Pre-game Update:

Good afternoon, everyone. Happy New Year!

Despite coming off a loss in their rescheduled non-conference matchup against Fordham, the Knights will look to build on their 2-0 conference record when they take on Merrimack this afternoon. With a win tonight, FDU can separate themselves from Merrimack in the standings as both teams currently hold an undefeated record. I am Sheldon Gomes, sports writer for The Equinox. Our managing editor Amaya Morales will be producing this afternoon’s live blog and will be updating Twitter throughout the game.

The Knights look to build on their 2-0 conference record when they take on Merrimack this afternoon.

Art by Aurora Rifkind