Spring 2022 Campus Update: Testing, Isolation and Quarantine

By Kayoneil Wilson

Student Lifestyle Editor 

FDU students and staff received an updated email on Dec. 31 from Dr. Robert Pignatello regarding the return to campus and updated CDC guidance on isolation and quarantine for the upcoming Spring 2022 semester. 

As of now, there are no significant changes to the spring semester and students will remain in-person with a start date of Jan. 24 and a continued watch on recommendations regarding the CDC’s COVID-19 protocols. 

Pignatello included in the email that the vaccine booster for the FDU community, including students, faculty and staff, is strongly encouraged; however it is not required at this time. More details regarding the submission of the booster record will be sent out soon. 

Update regarding testing includes:

“We will require residential students and live-in staff, students who have an exemption from vaccination or have not completed their vaccination series, and in-season student-athletes and coaches to get tested on campus as a condition for their return to campus. We strongly encourage everyone else to test before returning to FDU – to the fullest extent possible (recognizing the current limited test availability in many areas),” said Pignatello.

He also strongly encourages employees to have a negative test before returning to work if able. Pignatello also provides a link to a free at-home service that the State of New Jersey offers. For more details, see https://learn.vaulthealth.com/nj/

Update regarding isolation includes:

The email also includes information abut the time required for isolation and quarantine, which the CDC updated.

Isolation is mandatory for those who have tested positive for the virus that is or is not experiencing symptoms. The new isolation time is now five days, with no symptoms by the end of day five. After that isolation, “a high-quality mask must be worn properly for an additional 5 days when around others to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus,” said Pignatello.

Update regarding quarantine includes:

Quarantine will be required for students living on campus that experience the following according to the email: 

  1.  Have an exemption from vaccination.
  2.  Have not completed their primary vaccination series. 
  3.  Are eligible for, but have not received, a booster shot and are identified as close contacts of a person with COVID-19. 

The length and precautions of quarantine will reflect the same as the isolation requirements. However, those who are fully vaccinated and have received a booster do not need to quarantine if they have been exposed, but should still wear a mask for ten days following the exposure. 

Update regarding traveling includes:

For faculty, any business travel, international or domestic, must be approved by the University Provost or the Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration (for staff). Lastly, all spectators attending athletic events are required to show a record of full vaccination. 

More updates will follow with a close monitoring of governmental requirements and regulations. With only a few weeks remaining of Winter break, continue to avoid large gatherings as vaccination status of others is unknown. Wear a high-quality mask indoors and wash your hands frequently. 

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Lastest update from Dr. Robert Pignatello for Spring 2022.

Art by Kayoneil Wilson