KNIGHTLIFE: $5 Appetizers, a Broke College Student’s Dream

By Aurora Rifkind

Graphic Designer

Finding time to eat as a college student can be challenging depending on how busy your schedule is, especially when dinner time rolls around and on-campus dining closes relatively early. During the week, Riverside closes at 7:30 p.m. and the SUB closes at 9:30 p.m. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they each close even earlier.

This leaves many students wondering where they are supposed to get food if they have nothing in their dorms or where they can order food from without spending a lot of money. 

Right by campus, on 450 Hackensack Ave., only a 6-minute drive, lies the local Applebee’s. After 10 p.m.,  you will find a plethora of college students chilling and eating with their friends, enjoying half-priced appetizers.

 It is truly a broke college students’ dream for dinner.

Applebee’s even accepts the Fairleigh1 card, so no actual money is getting spent, depending on your meal plan.

With half apps, most appetizers are only $5-$6 and there are several options that will satisfy different cravings. This ranges from quesadillas (my personal favorite) to mozzarella sticks to boneless wings. 

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Applebee’s is truly a broke college student’s dream for dinner

Photo by Aurora Rifkind