Exploring the Endless Opportunities of Streaming

By Kayoneil Wilson

Staff Writer 

While being stuck at home during an unprecedented pandemic, there have been many new alternatives to streaming shows and movies; some examples include Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and HBOMAX. Though we all know and love these streaming services, more are beginning to pop up such as Paramount+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix is one of the most used streaming services. According to The Wall Street Journal, streaming services collectively reached around 1.1 billion subscriptions in 2020

Watching movies and shows has become much easier as you can watch on many different devices such as phones, computers or televisions, thus allowing for its users to pick up right where they left off. 

With the factors of quarantine and social distancing, many of these platforms allowed their users to form watch parties, permitting friends and families to watch together without being in the same place. Some services include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+.

According to PR Newswire, movie theaters struggle to open up their doors post-pandemic due to these streaming services. Additionally, as stated by Statista, concerns regarding health and safety may cause individuals to be reluctant to return to the movies. 

Students expressed their thoughts on streaming services by emphasizing which platforms they may use and whether they prefer these services over the movie theaters. 

“I think it is going to be hard for people to be willing to go back to the theaters again because we have these streaming services,” said Victoria Gomez, a sophomore psychology major, via text message. “[Streaming services] I use include Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.” 

“I’m so excited to watch movies in the theater again,” said Mariam Alhaddad, a sophomore Biology pre-med major, via Instagram DM. “Streaming services are amazing but not as good as actually being in the movie theater.”

Students also shared their opinion in an Instagram poll as 31 voters resulted in 58% selecting movie theaters and 42% streaming services. Another poll of 34 voters showed that since the reopening of the movies, 59% have returned to the theaters, and 41% have not. 

While the new opportunities of streaming services have made it easier to watch movies and shows from anywhere, students yearn for the in-person experience of the movie theater and are eager for it to return.  

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Which streaming platform is your favorite?

Art by Kayoneil Wilson