Little Mix’s Between Us and the Music

By Melody Quito

Staff Writer

Little Mix returns with the release of their first greatest hits album to celebrate the band’s 10-year career.  

The announcement of this album release came out on  Aug. 19, which was the ten-year anniversary of the group’s formation.  

The album features songs from previous albums from their debut album “DNA” to “Confetti.” There are five new tracks added onto the band’s repertoire. 

These songs cultivate the evolution of the band’s sound and production development throughout their career.  With the band’s lyrical growth, many songs spread messages of female empowerment and solidarity that speaks volumes.

Songs like “Wings” celebrate the essence of independence which tackles the band’s success in overpowering the negativity and doubt during their run in the singing competition series, The X Factor.  Anthems like “Shout Out to My Ex” also display the band’s theme of self-love, self-respect and courage.

The addition of the five new tracks comes after the band member Jesy Nelson departed from the band in December of 2020. These songs show the remaining band members’ determination to strive with the career of the band and pursue messages of femininity for their fans.  

Newly added songs like “Between Us,” is an anthem that speaks on the bond of friendship which shows the band’s willingness in their own unity for their career. Lyrics such as, “When the curtains close and all of the lights go down// Safe to say I’ll stay, I will always stick around// And I will fix your crown// show how the song calls for the band’s connection with friendship and accepting the trials and tribulations of their career.

“This song is extremely special to us.  It’s about the last years and everything we’ve been through together,” said Little Mix via Twitter. “We’ve had this song for months now and we still get emotional every time we hear it (who knows how we’re gonna get through this live).”

“Between Us” cultivates the ever-growing sound of Little Mix and their highs and lows of becoming the greatest girl band of our generation.  Little Mix continues to maintain their leading influence on girl bands and strive to develop their talent on their music. 

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Little Mix celebrates 10 year anniversary with new album

Art By Melody Quito