Greek Week: More Than A Community 

By Caterina Tatti

Staff Writer

As another week comes to an end at FDU, so does Greek Week, which featured a series of events organized by the Inter-Greek Council that oversee the sororities and fraternities on the Metropolitan campus. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, the Greek community hosted “Greek Swap.” All 14 Greek organizations are paired up and swap information and get to celebrate one another through chants, strolling or simply talking to the audience about the origins of the organizations. 

“[Greek Swap is] an event that helps promote Greek unity in which different organizations get to know each other and work together, as well as a great way to share the various traditions that are encapsulated in different sororities and fraternities,” said senior and President of Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. (OPC) Lisa-Monet Jefferson.

As the event went on, many students arrived to support their friends in the Greek community. Graduate student Nicola Smith, who does not take active part in Greek life, attended the mixer and was pleasantly surprised.

“I came here to support my co-RA Ana Carrasquillo and the sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) and I learned so much about other sororities and fraternities as well. It was overall an interesting event and I had fun watching the Greeks perform,” said Smith about the event. 

Junior Ana Carrasquillo executed a stroll on stage with her sisters from LTA to celebrate OPC.

“It felt like a big responsibility to perform because the sisters from OPC trusted us to represent them and I wanted to do so in the best way possible. It was also a new and different feeling, I had fun!” said Carrasquillo.

As another Greek week comes to an end, students had the opportunity to interact with sororities and fraternities and learn about their history and what it means to be a member of the Greek community. 

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The Greek community pose for a photo after Greek Swap.

Photo from Elle Scalzo