Sigma Gamma Rho’s Sexual Education Event Leads to Deep Conversations about Modern Relationships

By Naniyah McClain

Student Lifestyle Editor

The Upsilon Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. hosted their “Latex or Late Texts” event in the Rutherford of the SUB on Nov. 9.

The event started with a Kahoot game based on sex education. Questions such as “What is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy?” “What is consensual sex?” and “Why should people in relationships talk to their partners about sexual activities?” were being asked during the Kahoot game.

A sex positive discussion was lead by graduate student and sister of Sigma Gamma Rho, Ty’Nynee Washington after the Kahoot game. 20 students were a part of the discussion.

“Raise your hand if you believe in monogamy,” said Washington.

About 95% of the students who were sitting in the discussion circle raised their hands. Most believed that it was very important to have a relationship with only one person, while some believed that because of their young ages, they are allowed to date as many people as they want.

The topic of monogamous relationships went in a different direction from the original topic of the event: sex. Instead, the main topic of conversation led to self-esteem, domestic abuse, love, gender roles and practicing safe sex.

“How many people believe in true love?” Washington asked. 

About 80% of the students raised their hands. Many believed that true love is real but in reality, love could never be enough when there are other factors such as interests, goals and finances that can come into play when it comes to relationships.

“Will it be compatible lifestyle-wise? Do we share the same visions for our future? You can love someone, but they can irritate your soul sometimes,” said Alumna of FDU and sister of Sigma Gamma Rho, Ajah Harley Alexander. “It doesn’t mean that the relationship is over, it just means that you’re going through something with this person. Not everyday is going to be butterflies.”

Self-identity in relationships played a major role in the discussion. Guests believed that there are many people in relationships who may not know themselves with a partner.

“There are times when people don’t know their self worth early enough before getting into a relationship,” said graduate student of Rutgers-Newark and sister of Sigma Gamma Rho, Destiny Jones.

This led into the topic of domestic violence. Everyone in the discussion circle believed that there is a 50% chance that domestic abuse may be normalized based on how children view their parents’ relationships. While some people will most likely go into relationships believing that it is completely normal to abuse their spouse, some will most likely break the trend by vowing to never follow in their parents’ footsteps.

The conversation about following in the footsteps of parents reminded a student about gender roles in this day and age.

“Gender roles are kind of dangerous at times, especially in today’s climate where some of the gender roles don’t necessarily apply in the same way. For instance, the domestication of women because we live in a time where women work 9-5 jobs and to think that they’re still going to come home to cook and clean is ridiculous,” said Alexander.

This event has helped FDU students to bridge the gap between residents, commuters and international students.

“It’s good to have these open conversations in a safe space. It also builds unity here at FDU because everybody will feel comfortable to be able to talk about different topics that come to mind,” said Washington.

Even though the discussion did not go as planned in the beginning, it unpacked many elements of modern relationships and gave students tips/lessons regarding safe sex, self love and the meaning of true love.

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Students prepare to play the sex education-themed Kahoot game

Photo by Patricia Ressell-Deras