Brandon Upshaw is the Newest Roster Addition to FDU Men’s Basketball

By John Mineses

Staff Writer

FDU’s Division I men’s basketball team has gained a new player in freshman year walk-on Brandon Upshaw.

“I was greatly excited and proud of myself. Training in order to try out for the team was full of new experiences and learning how to adapt to the Division I environment,” said Upshaw, the freshman business/finance major, via Instagram DM.

“I have built relationships with my fellow teammates and have become more acclimated to the team. What I am looking forward to during this upcoming season is to just become better every single day as a team and individually.”

Upshaw wants to keep the team chemistry growing as the FDU Knights begin their 2021-22 season, hoping to reach championship gold. 

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Brandon Upshaw looks forward to working with his new teammates

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Upshaw via Instagram DM