Mask Fashion: The Latest Accessory for FDU Students

By Melody Quito

Staff Writer

FDU students have proven that masks have become more than protection, but the latest fashion accessory. The student body shares their opinions when it comes to incorporating their masks into their outerwear. 

“I always make sure my mask is black or with printed art to properly match with my outfit. I think it emphasizes the accessory piece of the mask and provides more than a protective outerwear,” said Dana Higueros, a sophomore forensic psychology major. 

Many seem to be attracted to printed or black surgical masks that differ from the recommended blue medical masks. With the emergence of mask use on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it was bound for the mask market of different styles to increase in the following years to come. According to investment bank Keybanc Capital Markets, it estimates the mask market to reach a growing worth of $6 billion in 2021. Because of this, masks not only hold as a commodity but a must to obtain as a fashion tool to complete a look.

With great examples from celebrities like Ariana Grande to Billie Eilish, they have influenced students with captivating ways to style their masks without the necessity of matching combinations of clothing. 

“I don’t combine my mask but I see a lot of people focus on outside styles than a common blue mask, ” said junior international business major Remberth Vasquez via text. “I think most take by example and like to display their style or thoughts to their masks.” 

However, some students at FDU have shifted away from the fashion aspect and to the original idea of protection.  

“Prioritizing the issue of matching masks as it defeats its purpose of protection,” said Karen Ordonez, a senior international business major. 

Yet, FDU students have brought it upon themselves to choose to accessorize their masks with the main goal of combining fashion and protection, especially in an ever growing health concern world.

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Masks can be both protective and fashionable, say FDU students.

Art by Melody Quito