Academic Advising Remains on Zoom for Convenience

By John Mineses

Staff Writer

With the return of in-person classes, and many in-person activities and events, it seems like campus life is back to where it used to be — with masks of course. However, some student services will remain on Zoom, such as academic advising.

As registration for spring 2022 classes is creeping up on the student body, academic advising is ready to help all students with their scheduling needs. 

“The decision to continue advisement meetings through Zoom was made for the convenience of our students. Zoom offers flexibility our students did not have in the past.  With students’ busy schedules, we have had great success using that platform,” said Andrea Mosca, the director of the center of academic advising, via email. “The Advisement Center is also open Monday through Friday during regular office hours.”

While some classes are still hybrid/remote, in-person classes have made a big return this semester and many students happily elected to be in-person when they chose classes. After more than a year of classes on Zoom, one can think that it did little good for the learning environment. But, the use of Zoom for quick meetings with advisors seems to arguably be better.

Zoom meetings are a platform to use that is convenient and flexible. Students with busy schedules may have an easier time doing these meetings on their mobile devices like a phone or laptop rather than having to visit the academic advising center and wait until it is their turn.

Since academic advising meetings typically take about an hour at the most, it may be easier for students and advisors to be able to click a link to join the meeting from the comfort of their home or dorm.

Students can make an appointment to meet with advisors Andrea Mosca, Lauren Savage or Nicole Kashetta to plan their schedules and prepare for registration for the spring semester. 

Priority registration begins on Nov. 1, so students should be meeting with an advisor to register as soon as their date comes.  

The schedule for student registration is as follows:


  • Students with 80+ credits | Monday, Nov. 1
  • Students with 60+ credits | Tuesday, Nov. 2 and Wednesday, Nov. 3
  • Students with 45+ credits | Thursday, Nov. 4 and Friday, Nov. 5
  • Students with 30+ credits | Monday, Nov. 8 and Tuesday, Nov. 9
  • Students with 19+ credits | Wednesday, Nov. 10 and Thursday, Nov. 11
  • Students with less than 19 credits | Friday, Nov. 12 and Monday, Nov.15
  • New Enrollees | Tuesday, Nov. 16

Students who have not made appointments with Academic Advising to discuss schedules should make them as soon as possible. As the registration dates near, students must be ready to know what classes they need to register for before spots fill up.  

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Students look to meet with their advisors before registration begins

Art by John Mineses