KNIGHT LIFE: Chilling on Campus Rough

By Aurora Rifkind

Graphic Designer

Fairleigh Dickinson’s Metropolitan Campus — just a short stone’s throw from the legendary New York City and a main hub for active nightlife.

Being so close to the city, one could expect lively nights here, but what is the nightlife truly like? At first glance, the campus is quiet; there’s no loud music or light shows, but there’s actually quite a lot going on. You just have to look a little closer. 

One of the more simple things that people do at night is hanging out with their friends around campus. You will frequently find small groups gathered across campus, taking a walk along the path next to the river or taking a trip to 7-Eleven — which accepts Fairleigh1, our student ID cards — to get a midnight slushie. 

Others might cross the footbridge to the QuickCheck in Hackensack, which is easier for those who live in Northpointe. Groups will hang out on the bridge at night to study or catch up with friends. Sitting around or going to get midnight snacks isn’t the only thing people will do, though. Some will grab their boards and skate around campus. 

I personally hang out with my friends and do many of these things, skating around campus with them being my favorite, and at night there aren’t that many people, so no one will see if you end up falling.

The students here make their own nightlife to make up for the lack of it otherwise. Most things on campus close around 10 pm, with little to nothing happening after. But I’d say as students, we manage to fill the boredom of night with many fun things. 

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Skating across campus can be a favorite pastime for some students.

Photo by Aurora Rifkind