FDU’s Future Nurses Bond with a Knight Club Game Night

By John Mineses

Staff Writer

The FDU Student Nurses Association (SNA) invited nursing students for a game night in the Student Union Building Knight Club on Oct. 7.

The nursing students played pool, ping-pong and even created their own game of Pictionary using terms from their studies.

“I think it went well! Our E-board was there, so it was nice that we were all able to hang out and talk outside of E-board meetings,” said Kalyssa Nufable, a senior nursing major and SNA Vice President, via iMessage. “For future events, we’re hoping to reach out to the community more and we hope to see more of our classmates at events too!”

With the well-known rigor and challenges of being a nursing student, it is great to see students of the SNA playing games in order to form bonds and let out a little bit of steam during this heavy course load time in the middle of the semester.

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Pictured from left to right: Nana Addo (junior), Kalyssa Nufable (senior), Krystle Henriques (senior), Ashley Tombe (sophomore), Madelyn Garcia (sophomore), and Yuliana Hualle (freshman).