Meet the Greeks Meets Expectations

By Patricia Ressell-Deras 

Staff Writer

HACKENSACK, N.J. – On Sept. 17, FDU hosted its annual Meet the Greeks event for the first time in the Rothman Center. In previous years, pre-COVID-19, this event took place in Wilson Auditorium, but due to COVID-19 restrictions it was held in the Rothman Center. However, this new change in venue felt more interactive and allowed for students to not have to hunt for specific organizations. Hopefully going forward all Meet the Greeks will be hosted in the Rothman Center. 

Meet the Greeks is an event at FDU where all the fraternities and sororities on campus, or any that are trying to charter here, introduce their organizations to the student body — and potential new members — through performances. 

“Tabling” was also offered in the Rothman Center. Tabling at Meet the Greeks is a fairly-new concept at FDU, first introduced in Fall 2019, where each fraternity and sorority has a table to display their org. and answer any information any students may have about said org. Previously, fraternities and sororities tabled in the Student Union Building before Meet the Greeks took place. Now tabling is offered directly alongside the Meet the Greeks event. 

The event started off with a brief introduction from the Inter-Greek Council before beginning the event.  

The first org of the night was the Omega Phi Chi (OPC) Sorority. OPC opened up with a quick informal followed by multiple strolls. 

Next up was the Sigma Pi Fraternity. They performed an elaborate and creative original piece. In their dance, the brothers of Sigma Pi chose one lucky lady, Kimani Lawson of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, to place in the center of their suave serenade routine. 

Next was the Alpha Sigma Tau (AST) Sorority.  They performed an upbeat and catchy informative performance, teaching the audience about their org. through chants.

Following AST was the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) Fraternity. Surprisingly the brothers of ZBT did not perform anything, nor inform the students of their org. background like AST.  Instead, they informed the audience to keep a lookout for their org. later in the semester. Whether this decision was due to poor planning or something else remains a mystery, unless the plan was to seem more mysterious than other fraternities.  

Up next was the Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) Sorority. Following them was the Lambda Pi Upsilon Sorority, both of latin heritage. Both sororities performed similar, yet uniquely different performances.  The unique strolling and saluting of each sorority helped set them apart from one another.

After the performance, a quick intermission was held to give potential members a chance to inquire about certain fraternities and sororities. Of course, strolling ensued. 

After intermission, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity continued the event. The inclusion of a whistle in their steps and strolls set them apart from the other fraternities, and other orgs. in general. 

Following them was the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority. Once more steps and strolls ensued. AKA added to their performance by mentioning George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Next up was the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. Unfortunately, due to a personal situation the women of Sigma Gamma Rho decided to not go through with their performance, out of respect to one of their sisters.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity continued next with an energetic performance. Their performance started off with only two brothers before being joined by four additional brothers towards the end of their performance. 

After that was the Lambda Sigma Upsilon (LSU) Fraternity. They opened their performance by introducing their newest brother, Joe Batista. After which the brothers of LSU had three different small groups to perform different strolls. 

Following LSU was their sister organization, the Mu Sigma Upsilon (MSU) Sorority with their own strolls. 

To close the event was the Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity. Their performance started off with a heartfelt moment of silence for those who lost their lives due to the pandemic. Interestingly enough the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi informed the audience that they do not step, but instead salute. Their performance carried on with multiple salutes. 

Surprisingly, the Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi) Sorority did not perform at Meet the Greeks. However, they did table. 

According to alumni and sister Maryellen Van Atter, the lack of a performance was due to time conflicts of AEPhi sisters rather than anything of a negative nature. 

The night was filled with Greeks and non-Greeks celebrating Greek life, and had a semblance of what life was like before the pandemic.

Meet the Greeks is always an anticipated event each Fall semester, but the Greeks really came out with energy to celebrate their first big event back in person. 

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