Commuters Reflect on Returning to Campus

By Kayoneil Wilson

Staff Writer 

Commuters express their excitement about returning to campus, although they share concerns about exposing their loved ones to COVID-19. 

After the 18-month-long virtual learning experience, the time is now for the return to in-person classes, social events and many other activities. However, as a commuter student, there are many concerns about returning to campus due to the emergence of the delta variant of the COVID-19 increasing cases in the United States. 

With attending in person, then returning home daily, taking precautions is important to ensure our family and friends remain healthy as we are exposed to many different people throughout the day. 

Everyone needs to continue to maintain social distance as much as possible and, as President Christopher Capuano wrote in an email on Aug. 11, the campus community should continue wearing a mask even if fully vaccinated. Everyone who will be returning to campus must be fully vaccinated, except for medical or religious reasons. 

Commuter students have shared thoughts about this new transition after being home for so long.

Gabriel Sims, a sophomore sports management major, via Snapchat, said that, “We have to start somewhere. But I am taking two in-person classes because I am trying to protect myself from Covid or Delta Variant.”

Victoria Gomez, a sophomore psychology major, via iMessage, said, “I feel better knowing that everyone on campus is fully vaccinated and that we wear masks inside.” She said she has, “been very diligent about coming home and wiping down objects, taking showers and changing clothes.”

Students stay optimistic about a full semester in person because of the precautions and safety measures FDU has put in place. As we continue to move back to the “new normal,” everyone should continue following CDC guidelines to remain healthy and safe to lower the cases of COVID-19.

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Maintaining the Proper Safety Measures

Art by Kayoneil Wilson