New School Year, New Knightro: FDU in Search of New Knightro

By Naniyah McClain

Student Lifestyle Editor

Syracuse University’s “Otto the Orange,” Oregon State’s “Puddles the Duck” and then FDU’s “Knightro.”

FDU is looking for a student to step up as the new face of Knightro. Even though the FDU community is not sure of when the new mascot will be announced, we have an idea of the characteristics that Knightro will possess before the first men’s basketball game on Nov. 4.

“If you are energetic, outgoing and like to have fun, this is the perfect position for you,” said Roee Hecht, external affairs graduate assistant, in an email to the Metro community earlier this month.

The new Knightro will be responsible for interacting and taking pictures with fans as well as entertaining the fans. The position requires the chosen candidate to work untraditional hours.

Deadline for application was Monday, Aug. 23.

“I was hoping to get more applicants for the position, but those who did apply seem to be a good fit,” said Hecht.

“Knightro is important to the FDU community,”said Hecht. His presence reminds students of all the fun athletics we have to offer on campus, and if he is having fun, so will those around him.” 

Hecht received five emails of interest for the position and two students were interviewed via Zoom to see if they have what it takes to be the next Knightro.

“I mainly focused on asking if the applicants felt comfortable performing in front of large groups of people, interacting with fans and having fun with everyone in attendance,” Hecht said. “The main qualities I look for in Knightro is a positive attitude and a willingness to be silly and have fun entertaining the fans.”

No tryouts will be held due to COVID-19 precaution. 

“Due to COVID-19, there will be no tryouts. Those who are interested were interviewed and will be notified if they get chosen,” said Hecht.

Three Knightros will be chosen throughout the year as backup mascots in case of an emergency.

“We are aiming to find three Knightros to cover all games and appearances throughout the year,” according to Hecht.

After a year of restricted sporting events, Hecht is doing everything in his power to present a new era of the new Knightro, the pillar of the FDU community.

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FDU’s New Knightro looks forward to meeting the fans

Art by Naniyah McClain