Class of 2024 Looks Forward To in-Person Future

By John Mineses

Staff Writer

We, the class of 2024, had a freshman year experience that will be in the history books. 

We are happy to be back for the 2021 Fall semester getting the experience we’ve been waiting for.

“Freshman year honestly was a weird transition. With high school to college there’s usually a noticeable transition since you’re in a different environment. Having classes on Zoom made it difficult to switch to the college mindset and work ethic,” said Eduardo Pardo-Shontz , a sophomore biology major, via Instagram DM.

The online learning experience was very lackluster for some students. The connection between students and professors was blocked by a screen. It was not an ideal motivational environment for learning.

Sophomore students not only struggled to find academic inspiration in their first year of higher education, but the entire social aspect of a campus college was also not what it used to be.

However, there was a glimmer of light for students who were able to join social organizations while the community was socially distanced.

“I joined Sigma Pi Fraternity International in the spring of 2021 and initially it felt unconventional. Meeting all my fraternity brothers over Zoom was not the way I expected it to go but in the end it made us all closer as brothers,” Pardo-Shontz said.

While some sophomores became members of organizations, others found ways to become leaders. Iheoma Nwogu joined the Residence Hall Association during the online semester.

“… since no one was interested in things like organization at the time, I took my chances of joining the e-board… It was easy to join since they needed people and I’m glad that I applied,” said Nwogu, a sophomore biology major, via Instagram DM.

Even though the Class of 2024 did not receive the ideal college experience during their first year, many students found ways to make the best of it.

There is excitement from the sophomores because we have to make up for the lost time from freshman year.

“One part I’m excited [about] being in-person is to finally get a “true” college experience. It’s been amazing seeing campus with students walking around…,” said Pardo-Shontz.

The Class of 2024 looks forward to the bright new future of what the college experience will bring for their remaining years at FDU. 

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Welcoming the Class of 2024 to the in-person college experience

Art by John Mineses