EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: We Need to Take a Stand

By Elizabeth Scalzo


We are a generation of fighters, we took to the streets during a global pandemic to fight for what is right and my friends it is time again. We must take a stand.

We are the creators of the future and the new abortion law in Texas is something we need to be standing up against. I have seen across social media that people are taking a stand, but where is the FDU student community in all of this? 

We have an obligation to make noise when things are unjust. That is our constitutional right, to peacefully assemble and protest. 

We haven’t seen much movement on campus against injustice since the semester started. On Aug. 28 The Office of Student Life and Inter-Greek Council participated in the Dress For Success “Power Hour” walk. About 30 students came out to walk from the Student Union Building to the Rothman Center and back to advocate for equal pay.

Still, we have much more to stand up against.

A lot is happening in the world around us and the Texas abortion law is just the tip of the iceberg of the change we need to fight for.

Now I put the ball in your court. As students, what are we going to do to help in the fight against the injustice we see across the country and the world? 

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Fight for what is right.

Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.