Hurricane Ida Slams FDU

By Amaya Morales

Managing Editor

The remnants of Hurricane Ida caused FDU students to scramble to safety as New Jersey got hit with high winds and torrential rain late Wednesday night.

Rain flooded northern New Jersey, triggering a state of emergency as declared by Gov. Phil Murphy.

“Got out of the library, just made it home after over an hour of driving and swimming through the flood,” said Kenny Lo, a junior communication major at Metro, via GroupMe message.

Sophomore Suleima Mestanza reported trouble seeing the road on her commute home.

“Thankfully, I did not experience the flood aspect of [the storm] but it was extremely hard to see,” said Mestanza through text. “I had my windshield wipers to the max speed and even with my glasses I could barely see.” 

Some students reported severe flooding on and nearby campus. Other students reported thunder and lightning.

“I went to get dinner around 6. Then, it started pouring rain,” said Jackie Kuchar, a junior majoring in consumer psychology, via text. “I couldn’t get out of the SUB because my dorm is at Northpointe and it was thundering and lightning.”

Following the storm, FDU sent out a mass-message through its text and email-alert systems to let the community know that both New Jersey campuses had a delayed opening at 11 a.m. The announcement was also posted on @fduwhatsnew’s Instagram.

As of Thursday afternoon, there was not a cloud in sight with sunny skies. However, dirt and debris was left scattered on the ground as a reminder of what happened the night before.

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Water rises above sidewalk level in a neighborhood of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Photo by Jen Malti.