FDU Students Give Back With Campus Food Pantry

By Naniyah McClain

Student Lifestyle Editor

Two years ago, the Inter-Greek Council came to the Office of Student Life to initiate the Knights Care Food Pantry on the Metropolitan Campus. 

The pantry operated in a way that students could anonymously take items without any questions or oversight. It was a place that helped students in need at FDU. 

The food drive itself was planned for a month at the end of the fall semester of 2021. The pantry has now become another part of campus life.

From March 8 to April 8, the drive became a part of the opening of the permanent food pantry for the students of the Metropolitan Campus.

“[The Inter-Greek Council] said this is something we have to do, this is something that needs to be done,” said Rashard Mills, the assistant director for student union building operations.

Three student organizations dropped off nearly 300 cans, while individual students stopped by to drop off one or two cans each. Mills said success could be seen only two weeks after the initiative began. 

The pantry is located along Alumni Hall, across from the Kron Building and University Hall (990 University Circle). The items in the pantry could be picked up Wednesdays between 2 p.m. and  5 p.m., and Fridays between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Our pantry will always be open so our students can access it,” Mills said. “We’re collecting these canned goods now in preparation of building our own pantry so that our students can access it just in case they’re in any need or experience any insecurities.” 

While students are at the college, they can visit the pantry and leave with some items, he said. 

Just when we think that this initiative only involves the food pantry, the Inter-Greek Council wants to take its initiative further and accept toiletries, deodorant and toothpaste. 

Another planned project, “Career Closet,” will include donations such as professional clothing like suit jackets, dress shirts, dress shoes, belts, ties and — hopefully — cufflinks! 

The Career Development Center in connection with Linden 2’s Clothing Drive ran the initial program that took place March 12-April 12.  

Students were granted access to the food pantry during certain hours of the day. There was no need to log into a complicated computer system — students could just grab what they needed.

The food drive initiative partnered with local supermarkets and churches. 

“We’re tapping into some local resources around our area, and they’ve been having an overwhelming accepting response to it,” Mills said.

Students who donated the most cans received these prizes:

  • 15 cans — FDU socks and cup
  • 30 cans — FDU sunglasses, 1 mystery prize + above
  • 45 cans — FDU T-shirt + all above prizes
  • 50+ cans — Raffle ticket for FDU Swag Bundle Grand Prize + all above prizes

“We want to make sure that we are taking care of our FDU students, our friends, our peers,” Mills said.

If you are interested in donating to the food pantry, drop off canned goods at the Office of Student Life.

For questions, comments or concerns, email Rmills@fdu.edu

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FDU’s Inter-Greek Council Develops the Knights Care Food Pantry and Career Closet

Art Courtesy of FDU Student Life-Metro (@fdustudentunion)