Greek Life Still a Social Affair Even in Virtual Times

By John Mineses

Staff Writer

FDU’s fraternities and sororities continue to prove their bonds are stronger than ever by delivering great virtual experiences while looking ahead to in-person Greek events for the upcoming school year. 

The coronavirus pandemic and the protocols that have all but closed the Metro campus have challenged Greek Life to recast to virtual some of the numerous events it holds on campus, from trivia nights to window wars to the infamous Meet the Greeks.

“Thankfully, my organization has found ways to bond with our community as well as sisters through Zoom nights that are fun and eventful,” said Karen Castro, a senior civil engineering major and Lambda Theta Alpha President/Recruitment & Retention Advisor, via Instagram DM. 

“The positive of being virtual is that we now have sisters supporting us from everywhere and we’re truly able to see that sisterhood has no distance and goes beyond the borders,” Castro said.

Mingling just looks different now. 

“Many virtual platforms like Zoom meetings and GroupMe chats have been ways to continue communication and create new events,” Rashard Mills, the advisor for Greek Life, said in a Zoom interview.

The use of new social media, like FDU Bubble, has also helped Greek Life and other student organizations promote events. 

90’s TV Trivia and Who’s That Baby are some of the events that have happened virtually during Greek Week this spring.

Also, a Greek BBQ came to campus on April 16 and students got to enjoy music and delicious to-go bags outside in the spring weather. 

“… [the events] allowed for our community to participate whether they wanted to do so physically or virtually this Greek Week. Being able to safely see the Greeks again in person was such a refreshing sight,” Juan-Lorenzo Martinez, a senior computer science major and Inter-Greek Council President, said via email.

With the return of in-person classes and activities in the fall, students are looking forward to having social events back for Greek Life.

“The Greek community is truly there for one another, and I felt so welcomed,” Suleima Mestanza, a freshman biology major and sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, said via Instagram DM. “I have met several other Greeks and I would love to see them in person! If I had so much fun during virtual events, I can’t imagine how much fun I’ll have in person.” 

While plans for the fall semester are not still not concrete, Greek Life is expected to come back in full force just like the rest of the campus community.
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Members of Greek Orgs pose outside the SUB in the Greek BBQ on April 16. Photo courtesy of GA for Greek Life.