EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: What Will Fall 2021 Bring?

By Elizabeth Scalzo


The spring 2021 semester is coming to a close fast, but there are many questions that are up in the air regarding fall 2021. 

FDU announced there is a plan to resume mostly in-person operations and a requirement for student vaccinations prior to the start of the fall semester. 

Students have questions:

There is a 90-day waiting period in place to receive the vaccine after contracting the virus, according to the CDC. What happens if you contract COVID-19 before a vaccine appointment and can’t be vaccinated before the start of the fall 2021? 

FDU says there will be vaccine-requirement exceptions for religious and health reasons but this situation has not been addressed by university officials at this time. 

How will housing work for fall 2021? Will dorms return to double occupancy in each room? How many dorms will be set aside for quarantine? 

With the requirement of the vaccine, housing and residence life has allowed for double occupancy room sign-ups for fall 2021, but there is still much more information needed from the university regarding housing.

Of course, there is the question of, will campus life and the feeling of community come back to the way it was prior to the pandemic beginning? This is the question that is left up to the student body rather than the administration. During the “year like no other,” we’ve seen the FDU clubs and organizations transform programming into a virtual world where any student can get involved. 

While there are a lot of unanswered questions, The Equinox is seeking answers to these questions to keep the community updated. If you have questions, let us know via email or our social media.

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Many questions regarding campus life this fall. (Art by Elizabeth Scalzo).