New Jersey Summer Camps Will Be Open This Year

By Naniyah  McClain 

Student Lifestyle Editor

Children of New Jersey are now able to join summer camps and sleepaway camps after Gov. Phil Murphy signed the executive order to allow camps to open this summer, according to

Health officials state that camp staff members must be trained in infection control. In addition, they should screen daily, wear face masks, practice social distancing and follow the updated CDC updates for COVID-19 guidance for summer camps. 

Staff members will have the same students throughout the summer, opposed to the usual switching of groups, continued.

“As an additional safeguard, we will be requiring that unvaccinated overnight campers and staff receive a COVID-19 test before the camp begins and within the first few days of their session,” according to Murphy, continues

What does this mean for FDU’s Camp Discovery? Will it be in full effect this summer?

COVID-19 Numbers

The following is the latest COVID-19 cases for yesterday and today. There were 2,365 new positive COVID-19 tests in New Jersey, with a decrease of 174 cases from Bergen County. 

Fri. 04/30/2021Thurs. 04/29/2021
New Jersey995,365993,000
Bergen County 100,826101,000

*Numbers according to Google Statistics.

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Art by Naniyah McClain