Sia’s ‘Music’ Inspires Film but Doesn’t Move Sales

By Jordan Sugick

Staff Writer 

Whether you’re in the mood to dance or listen to an album alone, “Music” works for any occasion. 

The Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s ninth studio album was timed for release in advance of the film of the same name, her directorial debut. 

The album, released Feb. 12, soars with a collection of songs meant for everyone. But, the movie has ignited controversy and criticism for its portrayal of autistic people. 

The film’s plot follows Zu, played by Kate Hudson, a recovering addict whose life changes after her estranged grandmother dies and leaves her to care for her half-sister, named Music. The teenager, played by frequent Sia collaborator Maddie Zieler, is nonverbal and autistic.

According to Variety, Sia said “the movie is both a love letter to caregivers and to the autism community. I have my own unique view of the community, and felt it is underrepresented and compelled to make it. If that makes me a sh* I’m a sh*, but my intentions are awesome.” 

The album starts with upbeat songs like “Together” and “Hey Boy,” and continues with wistful and moody songs such as “Saved My life.” Many songs that follow show the maturity and restraint in Sia’s songwriting. 

The album has yet to make Billboard charts.

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‘Music’ is Sia’s ninth studio album, released by Monkey Puzzle and Atlantic Records

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