EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: What a Year It Has Been

By Elizabeth Scalzo


When The Equinox moved entirely online last spring, I was scared as to what that would mean. What were we going to do? Where would we be a year from then? 

Hindsight is always 20/20 and this year has been amazing for The Equinox. We did our first summer internship program ever. We reported the first fully online semester. We started Live Blogs and the roundtable series. We covered the election on Instagram Live. We survived COVID-19 outbreaks on our staff and families. We shared “Roses, Buds and Thorns” and relied on each other and our Zoom meetings, GroupMe and Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/YouTue connections.

We started daily news updates that include a COVID-19  check-in. We won second place for layout and design in the NJ College Newspaper contest for 2020. 

We’ve done a lot of great work and we have had a great year, but now we are tired. 

We are burnt out. We are feeling the weight of what we all carried this past year. 

This summer, we will take a break, but only after delivering something special to commemorate the year it has been. We will, however, continue our work until the end of the semester.

Here is to “the year like no other” and to the hope that, with vaccination numbers rising, we will return to some kind of normalcy.

We will remember the too many lives lost in this country and this planet, and we will do internships, work and study-abroad with the goal of returning rested and refreshed and ready to serve our community with the hard work of journalism. 

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A year of quarantine, celebrations, burnout and many other emotions. Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.