Fall 2021 Expected to be In-Person, President’s Update Says

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez

News Editor

Fairleigh Dickinson University is planning to return in the fall 2021 semester with mostly in-person classes, activities, housing and services, according to today’s president’s update. 

The email update from President Christopher Capuano began by thanking the student body and faculty for their continued support. 

“It’s hard to believe that it has been more than a year since the pandemic first impacted us, and so many have worked hard to help our students continue their studies and provide them the support they need,” he said via email. 

As the start of priority registration for the fall semester draws near, students may be able to plan their schedule around a possible in-person semester. 

There will also be a mix of in-person and remote courses offered for the summer 2021 semester. Undergraduate courses can be taken at half the tuition rate after the first full-price three-credit course. Graduate students can expect a standard tuition rate for the first three-credit course, with other enrolled courses at a $100 discount, according to the email.

“In the upcoming months, we will continue to develop plans while monitoring developments in our region,” Capuano said. 

In addition, FDU is planning to accommodate more resident students and possibly double-room occupancy. However, safety protocols such as distancing and surveillance testing will continue, Capuano says. 

With more in-person courses and activities,more faculty and staff  will return to campus; more information will come from the Office of Human Resources as the fall semester approaches. 

Capuano says that the increasing distribution of vaccines gives hope to this goal, yet the infection rate remains high enough to be a potential risk. The specifics of the plans will be made with reference to federal and state guidelines, he added. 

“Safety remains paramount for everything we do, and we will of course continue to monitor the pandemic and coordinate with public health authorities in safeguarding the FDU community,” Capuano said. 

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Art by Jhoana Merino-Martinez