New Jersey Educators Now Eligible to Get Vaccine

By Amaya Morales

Managing Editor

In today’s update, New Jersey teachers and day-care workers, Pre-K to grade 12, are now eligible to receive the vaccine immediately.

Let’s begin. 

After a previous order that did not allow educators and staff to get the vaccine until March 15, the Biden administration called for change effective immediately, according to

Department of Health spokesman Dawn Thomas on Friday that educators and support staff will now be able to receive the vaccine before March 15, continued. 

President Biden initially made a statement on Tuesday that his goal is to have educators vaccinated by the end of March, even if it is only the first dosage. Several states have prioritized them, but New Jersey listed their eligibility date as March 15.

“Over 30 states have already taken steps to prior-prioritize educators for vaccination. And today, I’m using the full authority of the federal government,” the president said in his statement.

With this change, educators and other support staff may be able to get back to their classrooms. The ability to teach in-person may be a possibility within the next couple of months.

COVID-19 Numbers 

There was an increase of 3,698 positive COVID-19 cases in New Jersey, with 464 new cases in Bergen County.

Sat. 3/6/2021Fri. 3/5/2021
New Jersey806,000802,669
Bergen County79,79679,332

*Numbers according to Google Statistics.

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