Gov. Phil Murphy Announces 2022 Budget Proposal for Public District Schools

By Nancy Sanchez-Díaz

Entertainment Editor

In today’s news update, we’ll discuss Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget proposal for N.J. schools. 

The governor unveiled his $44.8 billion budget proposal Tuesday, calling for nearly $50 million in additional preschool funding and a $25 million expansion of Extraordinary Special Education Aid — money that helps districts provide services for students who require expensive support, according to 

Despite a $578 million increase statewide, 193 districts would receive less state aid than the other 375 districts, causing concern for some, continues. 

For these districts, the proposal is only one small part of the complex and controversial formula New Jersey uses to fund its public schools.

COVID-19 Numbers 

The following is the latest COVID-19 cases for yesterday and today. 

Mon. 3/1/2021Sun. 2/28/2021
New Jersey789,000787,000
Bergen County77,53777,290

*Numbers according to Google Statistics.

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Art by Sanchez-Díaz