Meet the Greeks Kicks off an Exciting Week on Night 1

By Chloe Colmenares

Social Media Editor 

FDU Greek Life stays strong even through COVID-19 and the raging snowstorm, as the annual Meet the Greeks event kicked off its first night on Monday.

Four Greek organizations started this weeklong event: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and Lambda Theta Alpha. 

Rashard Mills began the night by introducing graduate assistant Ta’Nynee Washington and the e-board members of the Inter-Greek Council — Juan-Lorenzo Martinez, Ashley Crespo, Alicia Wilson, Enviasia Mitchell, Elizabeth Scalzo, Gina Cucciniello and Paola Arenas.

Enviasia Mitchell, the president of the Nu Kappa chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., introduced her sorority with a brief history and slides showing their efforts of public service throughout the pandemic.

The sisters of Nu Kappa also presented a powerful spoken word poem about the modern-day black experience and the history of violence against Black people.

Juan-Lorenzo Martinez, chapter president of the Ciguayo chapter of the Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino fraternity, opened their presentation by speaking of the history of the fraternity and the significance of chapter name.

Members of the Ciguayo chapter joined to describe their experiences within the fraternity, how they bonded through their ethnic and racial differences, and how they gained a better understanding of themselves through it.

“It’s basically like getting to know each other… learning more about each other’s cultures and learning more about each other and appreciating each other’s cultures. That’s one thing I’m thankful for a lot for this organization,” said Luis Maravilla, an alumnus who graduated from FDU in Spring 2019.

Throughout the night, the chat was exploding with love and support from every organization.

Next to present were the sorority sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Maryam Ahmad, the president of the Phi Xi chapter shared a slideshow of the sisters while describing their goals and values as an organization. 

The sisters went around sharing their favorite events and memories together, as well.

Closing the night off were the ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha. Eta Chapter President Karen Castro introduced her fellow sisters, and presented a PowerPoint that included a brief overview of the sorority’s history. 

The Eta Chapter sisters also presented a video of them performing, intercut with photos from events and community service efforts.

To cap off the night, Mills came back to promote FDU’s Playfair event happening on Feb. 8, 2021. He thanked the organizations and the Greek alumni for attending and giving their testimonies. He also invited the attendees to FDU’s Org Fair beginning Feb. 2, 2021 at 10 am. 

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These are the crests of the four organizations that presented on Night 1 of Meet the Greeks

Art by Amaya Morales