FDU Tightens COVID-19 Policies for Possible Return to Campus

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez

News Editor

FDU will be implementing stricter contact tracing policies, according to emails sent to the Metropolitan student body yesterday afternoon.

One of these includes mandatory Campus Clear screenings. 

Now, Campus Clear is not a new tool in FDU’s arsenal; this contact tracing app reminds users to take a daily brief questionnaire of symptoms as laid out by the CDC. 

Data will be collected through this process to either approve the user for campus clearance or direct them to Student Health Services, a previous Equinox article reports

The last president’s update on Jan. 7 stated that the spring 2021 semester will begin its first three weeks online. Select in-person courses will be expected to switch after this period, starting Mon. Feb. 15, stated the FDU site. 

In preparation for the potential return to campus, students have been alerted that they need to complete mandatory COVID-19 training and Campus Clear screening. The Metropolitan dean of students sent out an email reminding students to complete their training within the next two weeks. 

Before students can set foot on campus, checkpoints will be set up at each academic service building at Metro — all with the authority to decline entry until proof of screening completion is given. 

While these precautions should not be taken lightly, it is still uncertain whether in-person classes will resume as expected. The direction of the coronavirus is unprecedented, with public health efforts only beginning to be put into action by President Joe Biden to control the coronavirus “fallout,” CBS News reports

That’s also not mentioning the new variant strands of the coronavirus, like the B.1.1.7. (UK) strand that is now confirmed in at least 21 U.S. states, Intelligencer reports

Once again, only time will tell what direction we will go as students and people.

COVID-19 Numbers

As of this morning there was an increase of 490  positive COVID-19 cases in Bergen County, adding to the 4,810 increase in New Jersey. 

 Thurs. 1/28/2021Wed. 1/27/2021
New Jersey676,537671,727
Bergen County65,33864,848

*Numbers according to Google Statistics

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Art by Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez