By Elizabeth Scalzo


Is it just me or does everyone else have a dilemma the first day of classes, since we’ve been online? 

I signed up for a completely asynchronous course and on Monday morning I received an email stating we are meeting on Zoom, only problem was I already had class at that time and attendance was mandatory. 

I started calling and emailing advisors and then, the other offices that I was routed to. It was one big circle. Like any student, I was panicked. Luckily I found a professor willing to waive a prerequisite and I was then able to join the class. 

Online operations make things a lot harder for students, I continue to realize. Yes, everyone hates sitting on Zoom for hours on end, but trying to get help when none of these offices are communicating with one another is a whole different struggle. 

Nevertheless, it is fantastic to be back in full swing. I don’t know where exactly this semester will take The Equinox, but I can assure you we will continue doing what journalists do, get you your news.

We started the daily news updates segment over winter break and have decided to keep it going. What our audience doesn’t see is how helpful this segment has been to our writers. 

Writing is like a muscle and the more we use it and get feedback, the better we get at it. While daily news is updating our audience on all things FDU and beyond, it’s actually quite beneficial to us as well.

We have lots of hopes for what this semester will bring, but we will have to see if we go back in-person or not before we can reveal more plans.

As for now keep reading the daily news and watching out for our basketball live blogs!

The Equinox wishes you all a great semester!
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The Equinox will operate remotely until further notice.

Art by Amaya Morales