FDU Moves to Merge Campus Operations by July

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez

News Editor

FDU students received surprising news from President Christopher Capuano yesterday.

The email update said that multiple positions in the New Jersey campuses will be dissolved, changes taking effect on July 1, 2021. 

Two new leadership positions will be introduced: a Senior Vice President for University Operations and a Vice President for Student Affairs. 

The Senior Vice President for University Operations will replace the campus executive position on both campuses. This position would be in charge of an umbrella of non-academic responsibilities on both campuses, from athletics to student affairs. 

The Vice President for Student Affairs will replace the deans of students on both campuses, with the new position’s responsibilities providing a uniform approach to student affairs issues, the email said. 

The dissolution of these positions are not correlated to the individual’s job performance, and that the staff in these departments will most likely be retained.  

Capuano said that the changes are meant to eliminate unnecessary duplication and “effectively bind” the two New Jersey campuses. 

These words are worrying for organizations on the Metropolitan campus, and whose distinction allows us to thrive. 

It is unclear how the shift to this power structure and the decisions of the future candidates will affect many aspects of student life. The Equinox will continue to report on this matter as it unfolds.

COVID-19 Numbers

 The following is the latest COVID-19 cases for yesterday and today. 

Tues. 1/12/2021Mon. 1/11/2021
New Jersey590,000585,000
Bergen County57,25956,890

*Numbers according to Google Statistics.

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Art by Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez