NJ National Guard Join NJ Police in Washington, D.C.

By Elizabeth Scalzo


It has been a crazy week. In today’s update we will explore the National Guard going to The Capitol; and, as always, an update on COVID-19.

Around 500 New Jersey National Guard members are being bussed to The Capitol after the attack on Wednesday, they are expected to stay through Inauguration Day. This is to help with “A peaceful transfer of power,” Gov. Phil Murphy said, NJ.com reports.

The National Guard will be joining 74 New Jersey state troopers in D.C., according to NJ.com.

The COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is being distributed, NJ.com has a list of all 109 locations distributing the vaccine across the state.

However, even with the vaccine, we still are seeing rather high COVID-19 numbers for daily new cases in NJ.

As of this morning, there were 7,411 new cases in NJ and 586 of those cases were in Bergen County. This brings the state’s total to 579.000.

The following are the latest COVID-19 cases for yesterday and today. 

Sat. 1/9/2021Sun. 1/10/2021
New Jersey572,000579,000
Bergen County55,77456,360

*Numbers according to Google Statistics.

Tune in tomorrow for the daily news update at 10 a.m.

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National Guard to protect The Capitol through inauguration day. (The New York Times)