Five Confirmed Dead After Mob Storms Capitol Building; COVID-19 Halts FDU Basketball

By Charles Elmo

Sports Writer

After a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building Wednesday, 68 people were arrested. Now, five have been confirmed dead, including one police officer, according to The Cut. 

The incitement of this riot with just two weeks left holding the oval office has President Donald Trump in the eye of the storm, to say the least. 

While Vice President Mike Pence is said to oppose invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday Democrats were prepared to attempt to impeach Trump for a second time if the 25th Amendment were not invoked, The Cut also reported.

In sports, the FDU women’s basketball team announced all team activities would be paused as a result of a positive COVID-19 test within the program. 

This was the first in a chain of events that led to the FDU men’s basketball pausing all team activities Tuesday. 

However, it is unclear whether this was as a result of one singular positive test between both programs or one or maybe even multiple on each side. 

The positive test(s) have caused each team’s upcoming games to be postponed with dates still yet to be determined.

At this point, it is unclear when play will resume.

Last night, FDU students received an email from President Christopher Capuano detailing that the first three weeks of the semester will be completely virtual. However, resident students can still move-in at the beginning of the semester, which is a different set up compared to last semester.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases continue to spike across the state. 

There are now 565,000 confirmed cases in New Jersey with the addition of 7,479 new cases, according to Google Statistics.

Bergen County is up to 55,096 COVID-19 cases with 661 new cases as of yesterday, also according to Google Statistics. 

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The attack on The Capitol continues in conversation today, along with no update from athletics regarding the positive case(s) in each basketball program. Art by Charles Elmo.