#FDUKnighted: List of Participating Clubs & Orgs.

During these times, it can be difficult to keep school spirit alive — especially virtually. However, this doesn’t mean students, current and incoming, have to miss out! 

The Equinox is teaming up with FDU’s clubs to effectively connect the student body through a more mainstream virtual platform. Simply scan for a category that interests you, read the club’s mission statements and follow them on Instagram. With a click of a button, you’ll help unify the FDU student body in a time like no other — it’s that simple! 

We contacted all FDU campus groups and organizations; below is the information from those who responded. 

Culture/Social Clubs


“Barkada is an organization in which we spread Filipino culture by hosting events with modern and traditional aspects. Though we are a Filipino organization, you don’t have to be filipino to join! “Barkada” means “group of friends” and that’s exactly what we are,” said Kalyssa Nufable, president and nursing major.

Instagram: @fdu_barkada 

Black Men’s Alliance

“Black Men’s Alliance seeks to enrich and contribute to the general welfare of FDU and the greater community while also providing and recognizing positive role models for minority students especially those of African-American origin,” said Daniel Ekwunife, president and senior civil engineering major. 

Instagram: @bma.fdu

Nubian Ladies 

“Nubian Ladies was founded in the fall of 1990 by five strong Black women at FDU to create a space for Black women on campus to be seen, heard, enlightened, supported, and praised. Our club has four basic principles: strength, courage, beauty, and pride. We hold events throughout the academic year including a few annual events such as Beauty Bar, general body meetings (such as Misconceptions in the Black community) and our largest, Black Girl Magic where we celebrate African-American/Black culture and what it means to be a Black girl,” said Jade Rodriguez, president and senior psychology major with a concentration in education. 

Instagram: @nubianladies.fdu

Student Government Association 

“The mission of Student Government Association is to provide a place for students to voice concern, promote students and student organizations, strengthen student unity, and provide a recourse between the student body and University administration,” said Maame Mensah, president and senior  psychology major with a concentration in mental health and a minor in social work.

Instagram: @fdusga


“SPECTRUM is the LGBTQIA+ Organization on campus and our club for everyone. You do not have to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community to come to our events and show support. We have events that are fun and social, but also informational. We try to keep the student body up to date on current  information and issues that are happening in our country and internationally,” said Donte Nowak, president and senior forensic psychology major. 

Instagram: @spectrumfdu 

Career Organizations

Hotel Society 

“The International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University is dedicated to preparing students for exciting careers and leadership positions in the hospitality and tourism industries. A quote from our director, Dr. Niser, “Our goal is to help you realize your dreams and aspirations in a thriving economic industry,” said Briana Ferrara, president and senior hospitality management major. 

Instagram: @fdu_hospitality


“NJSEA at FDU bridges the gap among the many education groups on campus and provides them with resources that all education students can use in both their daily and professional lives. It fosters a diverse community of effective, professional educators who are caring, competent, reflective, ethical leaders committed to advancing student learning and achievement, developing scholarship and promoting democratic ideals in our global society,” said Jenna Henderson, president and senior humanities major. 

Instagram: @NJSEA_FDU

National Society of Collegiate Scholars 

“NCSC is not just an organization that values academic achievement, but strives to promote a sense of community both on and off campus,” said Nanakua Addo, sophomore nursing major and president. 

Instagram: @nscsfdumetro

Pre Health Professionals Club 

“The Pre-Professionals Health Club allows for students to be well informed on medical opportunities that the campus has to offer. It creates an environment where students and staff may share experiences or desired interests in the medical field so that we may reach out to schools to share their knowledge on what they have to offer,” said Mayar Salem, president and chemistry major.

Instagram: @php_fdu

Women in Business

“The Women in Business Club works to create relationships through student and professional interaction and creates industry awareness among its members. We are committed to empowering women in business and strive to embody the spirit of community, opportunity, and development. Our goal is to help women rise in business by inspiring and motivating each other to thrive in our academic and professional careers. Men are also welcome to support their fellow classmates/coworkers in the Women in Business Club,”  said Lisa-Monet Jefferson, president and junior business management major with a concentration in Human Resources.

Instagram: @fduwomeninbusinessmetro


Lambda Sigma Upsilon 

“We, the brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc., pride ourselves in following our four goals: Academic Excellence, Being a Role Model to the Community, Cultural Diversity and Awareness, and Brotherhood. Founded at Rutgers-New Brunswick in 1979, LSU was founded to serve as a movement. Our founding fathers came together to fight against the social injustices Latinos and minorities faced on campus. We are Latino based, but not Latino exclusive. We believe in the three faces of a Latino man: the African, the Indigenous, and the European. Our mission is to continue what our founding fathers started, which is to continue being the movement by fighting against social and economic injustices and taking action,” said Lorenzo Martinez, senior computer science major and president. 

Instagram: @ciguayochapter  

Sigma Pi 

“I believe in Sigma Pi, a Fellowship of kindred minds, united in Brotherhood to advance Truth and Justice, to promote Scholarship, to encourage Chivalry, to diffuse Culture, and to develop Character, in the Service of God and Man; and I will strive to make real the Fraternity’s ideals in my own daily life,” said Joseph Amendola, senior criminal justice major and president. 

Instagram: @sigmapi_fdumetro


Alpha Epsilon Phi

“The mission of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority is to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi while building on the vision of our Jewish founders. Our open motto is Multa Corda Una Causa… Many Hearts One Purpose,” said Maryam Ahmad, biology major and president.

Instagram @aephi.fdu

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

“While our chapter holds the honor of being the first minority organization founded at FDU, we are also the First Historically Black Sorority in the nation. Our sole purpose is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity amongst college women, and to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their  

social stature. We dedicate ourselves to being of service to all mankind as our organization was founded during a time of limited opportunity for black and minority women. As alpha women we strive to break through all glass ceilings,” said Enviasa Mitchell, senior health studies major and chapter president. 

Instagram: @nukappa_aka 

Alpha Sigma Tau

“We invest in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life, and inspire members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others,” said Gina Cucciniello, biology major and chapter president. 

Instagram: @astfdu 

Mu Sigma Upsilon 

“Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. was founded as the FIRST multicultural Greek lettered organization in the nation on November 21, 1981 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Our founders were five latina women determined to establish an organization that brought together all women regardless of race, creed or religion. It was their limitless vision that enabled these determined women to break down the barriers and build the bridges that connected these women…. Hence, our motto ‘Mujeres Siempre Unidas,’ or ‘Women Always United.’ We are an organization of college-educated women committed to academics, unification of all women and the services for our communities and universities,” said Amber Rodriguez, senior finance major and president. 

Instagram: @msu_oku

Lambda Pi Upsilon 

“We exist to empower ourselves as women through learning about each of our varied cultures, and to help the underprivileged members of the American Society. We intend to gain access to success for the underprivileged members of our society through positive, political, and social actions within our communities, and the greater global community. In short, Lambda Pi Upsilon’s goal is to change, challenge, and improve our society’s defects,” said Carisma Mercado, senior psychology major and president. 

Instagram: @LPiU_RhoDivas 

Lambda Theta Alpha 

“Lambda Theta Alpha is the FIRST and LARGEST latin sorority in the nation. However, we are latin by tradition, not by definition. This organization was created as a voice for minorities. Throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, we have sisters that come from different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. Our principles are unity, love and respect. Our purpose is to foster the development of strong leaders who will provide and practice political, social and cultural activities. We strive to be an organization that maintains a higher standard of learning. We strive to promote unity through charitable and educational programs. We strive to be a voice for ALL students. Since 1975 we have paved the way and we will continue to do so,” said Karen Castro, senior civil engineering major and president. 

Instagram: @lta_eta 

Omega Phi Chi 

“Omega Phi Chi is a multicultural sorority founded by a group of eight women from diverse backgrounds. The overall purpose of Omega Phi Chi is to generate unity among all women. We believe that we can promote ethnic diversity by integrating women across all boundaries and cultures. Through the common bond of womanhood, we are then able to nurture our ideas of sisterhood. Among our ideas of sisterhood are the concepts of love, honesty, loyalty, mutual respect, and the responsibility of one another. After unity, the main objectives of this organization are academic excellence and involvement in community affairs. Education plays a vital role throughout the course of one’s lifetime; therefore, through the aid of donations, scholarships, and the shared efforts of our sisters, we can propel one another towards various career goals and aspirations. We aim to promote positivity and an improved outlook on life, as well as foster opportunities to improve one’s standard of living,” said Lisa-Monet Jefferson, junior business business management major and president. 

Instagram: @opc_omicronchapter 

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