EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Farewell 2020 and Thank You for the Growth You Made Us Do

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Here we are, my final words to the amazing reader’s of The Equinox for 2020. I’ve been reflecting A LOT on “the year like no other,” and I would kindly like to say see you later to 2020, we will not miss you.

News editor Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez, managing editor Amaya Morales and I created this Google Slides presentation as a reflection of The Equinox in 2020 and I invite everyone to take a look and maybe read a few stories you missed out on.

What exactly does “the year like no other mean” to you though? The Equinox staff put together a video of what 2020 meant to us and I invite you all to take time to reflect on this crazy year.

It doesn’t even feel like the holiday season to me. I’m still stuck back in March where I said goodbye to my friends and fellow staff members of The Equinox for what was supposed to be a week, here we are in December and I still haven’t seen most of the people in person. 

When I started to think about running for Editor-in-Chief, I had no idea the obstacles I was going to face with creating a newsroom virtually and truly creating things that mattered to our audience, but we did it.

We’ve even had the opportunity for some newsroom banter to make things seem a little more normal. 

Something I will never forget is former managing editor Justin Rimpi (‘20) saying, “You join The Equinox to add to your resume and build for your future, but at the end of the day, you stay for the people.” 

Every member of our team struggled throughout 2020, but we came together as a family and held each other up when it was most important and I think if you are so lucky to find a group of people to do the same, you will never be alone. 

Moving into 2021, The Equinox has so many great things planned, I can’t wait to share them all with you! Our audience is who we do this for and you are just as much a part of the family as our staff.

Project #FDUKnighted is well underway, live blogs will continue for basketball after the New Year and we may have some other new projects we are working hard on so we can share them with you.

If you are interested in repping The Equinox, we have a hoodie fundraiser going on right now, feel free to purchase and show us some love when your hoodie is delivered.

I think I can say for The Equinox our New Year’s resolution is to add value to our readers’ lives and work hard to report what you need to know. 

I would like to leave you all with some words of my own as you reflect on 2020 and begin to set goals for yourself in 2021. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big. If your dreams don’t terrify you a little bit then you need to keep dreaming because you have the ability to do anything you want in this life as long as you try hard enough. I also challenge you to look into the eyes of failure and get back up again. Make a piece of artwork out of your rejection letters because they will only motivate you to do better.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and an even better New Year. Stay safe and I will see you in 2021.
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2020 and beyond. Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.