Foster The People ‘Pumped Up’ with New Released Music

By Jen Malti 

Assistant Sports Editor 

The songwriters of “Pumped Up Kicks” are back at it again. 

Their six-song EP, “In The Darkest of Nights, Let The Birds Sing, released on Dec. 11,” is the kind of album we all need during such a difficult time. The indie pop band from Los Angeles provides songs with a chill basement vibe for kicking back and relaxing. The group consists of lead vocalist Mark Foster, guitarist Sean Cimino, keyboardist Isom Innis and drummer Mark Pontius. 

The EP includes six songs — “Walk With A Big Stick,” “Cadillac,” “Lamb’s Wool,” “The Things We Do,” “Under The Moon,” and “Your Heart is My Home.” 

The group’s music has stayed relatively the same since its career started in 2009.  Their most well-known song, “Pumped Up Kicks,” released on January 3, 2011 talks about school shootings. The lyrics really emphasize this with “all the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you’d better run, better run, outrun my gun.” In an interview with American Songwriter, lead vocalist Foster said the song, “Lambs Wool,” is about Foster’s uncle, who had passed away and the love he had for him. 

Aside from “Lambs Wool,” the EP reflects the meaning of love and how powerful it is and what it can look like.In the first song of the EP, “Walk With a Big Stick”, has a similar feeling in beat and rhythm as “Pumped Up Kicks.” However,  “Cadillac” and  “Lambs Wool ” are slow and mellow rather than upbeat. There’s  a similarity to the Beach Boys, which Foster  who is now 36 years old was inspired by when he was younger. He also takes inspiration Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.” The EP definitely hints at these groups’ influence. 

The EP was recorded musician by musician entirely during the COVID-19 quarantine from all different parts of the United States and will mark the band’s first release that they will put out independently. 

Overall, this EP provides a fresh sound and a chill and more relaxing vibe.

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The band released their first independent EP during COVID-19 pandemic, following their debut single “Pumped Up Kicks.”