Protesters Arrested Outside Bergen County Jail and NJ Prepares for Huge Winter Storm

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Protests continue outside the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, where ICE detainees are on a hunger strike and New Jersey must prepare for an expected Nor’easter.

On Saturday, several protestors outside of the Bergen County Jail were arrested after a clash with police. The police threatened to arrest the protestors if they did not back up and used tear gas and pepper spray to forcibly move people back, according to ABC News.

It is unclear how many protesters were arrested at this time.

Between the small snowstorm today and the Nor’easter that is expected to hit NJ on Wednesday and Thursday some parts of the state can expect to see several inches of snow, possibly reaching the double digits in North Jersey, according to New Jersey 101.5 who uses accuweather for their reporting.

Finally, COVID-19 numbers continue to stay high. As of yesterday, NJ had over 4,000 new cases, bringing the grand total to 403,000. Last week the total was 370,000 cases.

For Bergen County there were 368 new cases yesterday, bringing the total to 40,737 cases. Last week the total was 38,145.

That is a 33,000 case increase for NJ and over a 2,000 case increase for Bergen County, in just a week.

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New Jersey weather forecast for Nor’easter. Photo From NJ 101.5.