Surrounding States Buckle Down as New Jersey Remains Open for Business

By Amaya Morales 

Managing Editor

Today, we observe how surrounding states are buckling down with COVID-19 rising around the country. 

COVID-19 cases are similar each day this week in New Jersey, after a spike last weekend. There were 285 reported cases in Bergen County. New Jersey reported 3,650 new cases, bringing the total to 392,000, as of yesterday, according to Google statistics. 

New York City and Pennsylvania are shutting down indoor dining, which is a cause of concern for NJ Gov. Phil Murphy. According to, Murphy’s concern is that out-of-state guests will visit New Jersey to dine indoors and “contribute to the out-of-state spread of the virus.”

Governor Murphy will continue to allow indoor dining as long as the 25% capacity limit and a 10 p.m. curfew are followed.

Nonetheless, Murphy plans to watch closely and make changes if numbers of hospitalizations continue to rise. 

In other news, the women’s basketball team won 54-48 in a round-robin against NJIT at home yesterday. The next game is tonight at 7 p.m. in Newark.

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New Jersey will continue to allow indoor dining as long as safety measures and protocols are being put in place. (Houston Methodist)