New Jersey Could Receive Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine on Monday

By Charles Elmo

Sports Writer 

Vaccines are to be delivered to New Jersey after the weekend and FDU women’s basketball plays round-robin style in its last two games before conference play.

New Jersey is now up to about 388,000 total reported cases of COVID-19 with 39,557 cases in Bergen County.  Over 5,000 new cases for NJ, as of yesterday and 424 new cases in Bergen County, according to Google statistics.

New Jersey could receive thousands of doses of the coronavirus vaccine by Monday, according to The number of vaccines is anywhere between 76,000 to 460,000, though the exact amount is unknown at this time. 

The peak of a possible second-wave of the coronavirus is already being forecast by state health officials. It is estimated to hit between 6,300 and 9,100 daily positive tests over the next two months, the same article states.

And that is being described as the “moderate” scenario. 

In sports, the FDU women’s basketball team plays a home-and-home series against NJIT tonight at 7 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. Saturday. 

Head coach Angelika Szumilo’s return to her former home of Fordham was halted Wednesday, after the game was canceled due to COVID-19 protocols. 

That was the Knights’ third game canceled thus far in their young campaign. 

This has become a recurring theme early in the season. It is fair to speculate how these types of shake-ups in the schedule can impact a group. 

Nonetheless, the Knights turn their attention to the Highlanders in an out of conference series showdown over the weekend. 

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Vaccines are coming for COVID-19, we just don’t know how many. Art by Charles Elmo.