COVID-19 Rises Tremendous Over Weekend, GOP Hosts Maskless Event in Jersey City

By Elizabeth Scalzo


FDU men’s basketball continues play as COVID-19 is worsening every day and Gov. Phil Murphy backlashes at a fellow government official.

Yesterday, the FDU men’s basketball team fell against Providence, continuing its losing streak and conference play starts, Tuesday Dec. 8.

As far as COVID-19 goes, New Jersey cases keep increasing every day with over 5,300 new cases yesterday, bringing the new grand total of cases to over 364,000 for the state, according to google statistics.

The latest report for Bergen County shows 510 new cases, which is 100 more daily cases compared to Thursday.

In other news, Fox News reported on Gov. Murphy’s reaction to a Republican gala that was held at a Jersey City restaurant and no one was wearing face masks.

Gov. Murphy had tweeted at Florida GOP representative Matt Gaetz telling him, “You are not welcome in New Jersey.” 

With cases rising and an event hosted by government officials that broke the New Jersey COVID-19 regulations, Gov. Murphy also expressed his distaste during a news conference.

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Art by Elizabeth Scalzo