LIVE BLOG: FDU Women’s Basketball Tip-Off 2020

3:41 p.m.

That will wrap up today’s live blog. A big thank you to our Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Scalzo for producing the live blog and student lifestyle editor Naniyah McClain for updating Twitter. Thank you everyone for following the game with us and be on the lookout for more live blogs in the future with this upcoming men’s and women’s basketball season!

3:39 p.m.

St. Johns has opened this game up and led 70-42 towards the end of the game. Farley has 20 points alongside Correa who added 16.

Roters led the Knights with 14 points as Scott and Carbonnel added eight points each for them.

FDU shot 10-61 (31.1%) from the field, 1-16 (6.3%) from three and 5-5 (100%) from the free-throw line.

St. Johns shot 28-61 (45.9%) from the field, 5-11 (45.5%) from three and 9-13 (69.2%) from the free-throw line. 

FDU struggled as they were without Lindsey Mack, Madison Stanley, Rachael Niles and Elise Graham who

3:16 p.m.

FDU is able to stop the run going into the end of the third quarter, but St.Johns is still up 20, 50-30 at the end of the third. Farley is the leading scorer for the Red Storm with 14 points as Roters leads the Knights with 12 points. 

3:09 p.m.

The second half is underway as St. Johns opens up the third quarter on a 10-0 run and is now up 46-26. Farley has 14 points while Correa has added 12. 

Rotors is now up to 12 points and 6 rebounds while Scott has eight

2:47 p.m.

At halftime, St. Johns is up 34-24 as Correa has 10 points and Farley has eight. Roters and Scott both have eight for the Knights as they have struggled to shoot the ball early in the first half.

FDU shot 10-33 (30.3%) from the field, 1-7 (14.3%) from three and 3-3 (100%) from the free-throw line. 

St. Johns shot 13-30 (41.4%) from the field, 4-9 (37.5%) from three and 4-6 (66.7%) from the free-throw line.

2:31 p.m.

Media timeout as St. Johns is up 25-20. Farley is now up to eight points and Scott as well is up to eight points.

2:20 p.m.

St. Johns hits a three at the buzzer to end the first quarter and the lead is now 21-13. Scott has eight points for FDU as Farley still has six points in the first quarter.

2:17 p.m.

St. Johns extends the lead to eight as Farley is now up to six points through eight minutes as St. Johns is up 16-9.

2:12 p.m.

First timeout is called with St. Johns up 9-6 with 5 minutes remaining in the first quarter. Raven Farley has four points with Devyn Scott scoring all six points for FDU.

2:10 p.m.

St. Johns takes their first lead of the game 8-6 with 5:51 remaining in the first quarter.

2:05 p.m.

The Knights starting lineup for today is Celia Carbonell, Madeline Selvaggi, Devyn Scott, Maria Roters and Sierra DeAngelo.

St. Johns starting five is Unique Drake, Leilani Correa, Raven Farley, Kadaja Bailey and Emma Nolan.

2:00 p.m.

Good Afternoon, sports editor Anthony Covino here with the first FDU women’s basketball game of the season. Tip-off is scheduled at 2 p.m. against St. Johns at the Rothman Center. 

The women’s opener was cancelled on Thursday at Manhattan due to COVID-19 protocols, but the women will open up today at home. They look to continue their successes from  last season before COVID-19 shut the world down. 

Today I have Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Scalzo producing this live blog and student lifestyle editor, Naniyah McClain updating Twitter. 

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FDU women’s basketball face-off against St. Johns. Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.