EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Whether it is by car, bus, or plane, we have an obligation to keep those around us safe while traveling. To that end, FDU has offered free testing for all campus residents prior to move-out, Campus Executive Steve Nelson tells The Equinox.

“FDU is certainly prepared to help students, both on and off campus, as much as we can to keep them, and their families, safe,” Nelson said via email. “In addition, all students can contact our Student Health Services as they are an excellent resource for medical questions and information.”

For those who are traveling out of the state or country for winter break, it is important to research quarantine requirements and other health and safety protocols. The CDC has provided a complete list of guidelines for safe travel during the holidays.

This Wednesday The Equinox sports team — Anthony Covino, Charles Elmo and Jen Malti — will live blog and live tweet the tipoff to basketball season with the men’s game at 4 p.m. and the women’s at 6 p.m.

Starting next week, The Equinox will be publishing daily updates regarding New Jersey and Bergen County news. These daily updates will be published at 10 a.m.

Project #FDUKnighted is also underway and will officially start at the beginning of December. 

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The Equinox would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Tweet at us (@equinoxfdu) with your favorite Thanksgiving food. We want to know!

I did the four-hour trek back to my hometown in Pennsylvania and, as those of you on-campus do the same, I wish you all safe travels! 

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Traveling home for a Thanksgiving like no other. Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.