EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: One for the History Books

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Have you ever heard the saying that goes “Everything you have done, every choice you have made, has led you right to where you are right now.”?

That quote was all I could think about as I put on my blazer and ran my hair through my flatiron prior to The Equinox’s election night coverage. Then came four beautiful hours of hard work and dedication from our team of nine and many special guests. 

While there is still no answer as to who won the election, you can count on The Equinox team to keep you updated. 

The preparation for our coverage was intense, we had a spreadsheet breaking everything down into two-minute time slots and we had to stay on track to be sure we gave full updates on every area throughout the night. Also, we produced a live blog and provided updates on Twitter throughout the night.

Switching between the spreadsheet, the Google doc for the live blog, the back-end of WordPress, our introductions sheet and still keeping my cool on the Instagram livestream was definitely a little harder than I expected, but minus a few technical difficulties the night went amazingly well.

Here is a breakdown of everyone’s roles for the night:

  • Elizabeth Scalzo — Instagram live anchor and live blog producer
  • Amaya Morales — Instagram live producer
  • Johnathan Miller — Political correspondent and live blog writer
  • Jen Malti — News analyst specialist
  • Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez — New Jersey specialist 
  • Nancy Sanchez-Diaz — Swing state specialist
  • Anthony Covino — Sports specialist
  • Nadia Tejeda — Blog writer and social media analyst 
  • Naniyah McClain — Twitter expert

We would also like to thank our special guests. Thank you to Professor Toth and Professor Kattleman for the insight into your area of expertise. Thank you to Justin Rimpi and Bethany Coudriet for giving us insight on Election Day in Florida and Pennsylvania, respectively. 

A huge thank you to the students from The Equinox Advisor Professor Krochmal’s news reporting class for their insights on Election Day as well. They reported from their homes across New Jersey, as well as Washington, D.C., and Santiago, Chile. 

Also, thank you to our audience on both Instagram live and our live blog, the readers are who we do this for.

As I said last night on Twitter, it is nights like election night that make me proud to call myself Editor-in-Chief. When I was elected into this position back in May, I had high hopes for where The Equinox could go, but last night was more than I ever could have expected. We are a well-oiled machine and figured out how to have our newsroom virtually throughout this new normal.

I am excited for what the future will bring for The Equinox after a night like Election Night. What’s next? That we will have to figure out, but I know it’s going to be great.
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Setup for last night’s election coverage. (Photo by Elizabeth Scalzo).

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