Flu Vaccines Offered on Campus

By Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

Entertainment Editor

Student Health Services is administering free flu vaccines for residents and commuter students. Students can call SHS at 201-692-2437 to schedule an appointment. 

“According to the CDC, the best time to get a flu shot is in October and as late as February,” said Carol Brown Taylor, assistant director of Student Health Services, via email to The Equinox. “We will offer our vaccines from now until the supply runs out.” 

Student Health Services has obtained 340 flu shots for the 2020-2021 season. 

According to the university email announcing the shots, the procedure for administering the flu vaccine this year will be as follows:

  1. Students will come to the back entrance of the Student Union Building.
  2. A nurse or nurse practitioner will screen the student with a COVID-19 questionnaire and measure their temperature.
  3. If both the screening is negative and the student is not feverish, the student will be sent into the Kron Building.
  4. In the Kron lounge, the nurse will administer the flu vaccine.
  5. Students will exit the building through the front door.

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