EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: COVID-19 Cluster, Virtual Town Hall and Spring Semester Plans

By Elizabeth Scalzo


How are we halfway through October and 2020 just continues into the chaos that is our new normal. 

The Equinox staff was on its toes last week to cover two important breaking news stories. 

Sports editor Anthony Covino reported on the first, a cluster of COVID-19 cases on the FDU Metro campus after an off-campus party. 

This is where I give you my PSA to wear your mask and follow the rules, that way the spring semester will hopefully have a chance at some normalcy. Please wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands often. Thank you. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

At the end of the week, news editor Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez reported on President Christopher Capuano’s email announcing disappointing plans for the spring 2021 semester.

I can honestly say I think we all saw this announcement coming, even if it isn’t what we really wanted. Trust me, I was on campus for my radio show last week and I just wanted to hang out with my friends in Riverside Cafe. Unfortunately, it  is going to take a bit longer for that to happen.

Make sure to check out last week’s editorial and ask your professors to encourage the university to support participation in our democracy by making Election Day an academic holiday.

In other news,The Equinox held our first virtual town hall to speak to students regarding upcoming coverage of the election. Jared Johnson, a senior business management major, said The Equinox should try making memes during the next debate. After the fly incident at the vice presidential debate, I think this is a fantastic idea.

If you missed the town hall, you can watch the recording of the meeting and see the behind- the-scenes story of how The Equinox works.

Other stories you should read, if you haven’t already:

This week, on Thursday, you can join our live coverage of the second Presidential Debate. 

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for Nov. 3 when The Equinox will host four hours of special live coverage of Election Day (8 p.m.-midnight). 

Make sure in the next few weeks that you are either filling out and returning your mail-in ballot or make a plan to vote in person. The important thing is: Every one votes!

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Art by Elizabeth Scalzo